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About La Vie Orange





Why handmade? Once upon a time I was at the airport waiting in line for the check-in. In front of me there was an amiable couple with a little girl, just like my daughter. They put their suitcase on the scale, it weight too much, and they open it to take out some stuff. And I saw a pile of their girl's clothes. It was from nice established shops, very colourful, and totally repeating my daughter's wardrobe.


My baby boutique is for those who believe their baby is very special. All of our baby products are hand-made or hand-painted to make them distinctive. Most of our baby products are one-of-a-kind, keepsake items made exclusively for us to offer them unique. Most of our baby products are made of natural, eco-friendly materials to make them compatible with gentle and sensitive baby nature. Wherever possible our baby products are organic to make sure they are as safe as attainable.

Why organic or natural? I was studying Arts at Sheridan College, Ontario. There was a compulsory English course with a long essay at the end. The list of topics included many different issues, but quite a few of them were involved with smoking, alcohol, and drugs hazards. Just one girl of the whole class picked out the topic on genetically modified products. It is hard to say how reliable her findings were, but I was totally stunned by the figures. The first thing I thought was – in majority cases teenagers who try cigarettes, or alcohol, or drugs are at least aware of the risk, but as a mom of five kids I have no idea that I can do a lot of harm to my kids and especially to my baby because there are no public campaigns to make us moms aware of the issue.

I do not advocate being 100% organic; I do not believe it is possible nowadays. In the first place, not many families can afford to be pure organic. And even if they could, there are too many non-organic temptations, particularly for the kids. I just want families to be aware of the issue and be as much organic and natural as they feel comfortable to be. My baby boutique is a tiny step among the many you can do for a better, healthier living of your baby and kid, your most precious creatures.

I hand paint furniture for my family and friends for many years. But only when I found out organic milk paints, I understand that I can offer something special to the kid's market. I am very proud of our baby and kids custom siluette™ furniture hand-painted with 100% natural, VOC free, virtually odourless milk paints and finished with 100% natural oils. All baby and kids custom furniture is made of solid wood and is of highest quality to hand on from generation to generation.

Please, enjoy the visit to La Vie Orange™ boutique, and I will be happy to hear from you any time,

Nina Zaitseva, Founder and  Designer