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Nothing can be compared to a delight of buying a toy for your little baby! So we cannot deny ourselves a pleasure to design them for your little treasure. We have a small, but absolutely fascinating collection of squishi organic baby toys. They are hand-knit with 100% organic cotton and filled with very light-weight, non-allergic polyfibre. You know how your baby likes to drag toys around while crawling or cruising. Our organic baby toys are very light weight and designed to fit perfectly into tiny baby hands.

All our toys are crocheted or sewed by hand in Canada. All our organic baby toys are made from certified 100% organic cotton made in Germany and stuffed with very light-weight hypoallergenic polifibre. For eyes, nose, and mouth we can use either 100% organic cotton, or mixture of cashmere merino wool and silk. For maximum safety we try to crochet a toy as a single piece, or hand-niddle separate pieces as tightly as possible; all small pieces like eyes and noses are made of yarn and hand sewed.