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La Vie Orange's Top 5 Fall Styles of 2017!

In two months, 2017 will come to an end. But just before the end of the year comes the earthy autumn season, a time for us to celebrate the harvest and temperate weather before winter arrives. Below, we've listed our favourite styles and design ideas for Autumn 2017. Do take a look:

Mohair Wool. This fall, silk mohair is in. Although all types of mohair — from mohair lace to Aire and Ingenua mohair are becoming increasingly popular, we believe that silk mohair is the best of all, as it combines actual silk with the lustrous silkiness of mohair wool from Angora goats. We use this all-natural material to hand-knit La Vie Orange 1-ply mohair & silk lace shawls for moms. Lightweight mohair yarn allows the shawls to stay weightless, yet warm on chilly days.  

Earth Tones. Autumn is the season of harvest, so earthy tones like rusty red, forest green, pewter, adobe, deep salmon, olive green, squash orange (pumpkin), and other leaf-like tones are preferable. Pictured here is our vintage-inspired teddy bear, which we hand-stitched with organic German cotton shaded bark brown, with flecks of summit gray making up his fine coat. The hand-knitted, removable scarf is Indian white, completing the toy's neutral look. 

Bulky Yarn. The bulkier the knit, the warmer you stay. We often pile on the layers once leaves start falling, so what better way to express the beginning of the cold season? Bulky braids of yarn are a winter clothing staple, and they're back once again this year. La Vie Orange's organic baby's wool blanket in baby blue shows off this classic design exceedingly well. The blanket's sweet braids will keep your baby warm, and the little Italian ribbon flowers edging the piece add a personal touch.

Organic Wool. Autumn designs aren't complete without natural, pure wool that lacks artificial materials. The key to a good autumn wardrobe and household is the Earth — the more natural sources you use, the better. La Vie Orange's wool comes from German sheep, and we use it to hand-knit products like this butterfly baby blanket. A pure white blanket made with pure, certified wool that's safe for your household. The blanket's edging sports a line of cute, braided butterflies, and features symmetrical openings to keep it breathable for babies and infants.

Oversized natural textures. Layer up this fall and winter. As stated above, the bulkier, the better. More importantly, the more natural, the better. Pure wool and pure cotton offer ideal autumnal textures, as they're soft, rugged, and completely natural. We hand-knit the wool blanket set shown here with baby-friendly pure German wool, and edged everything with an elegant lace crochet.

Stay warm and natural this autumn. What's your go-to fall fabric, texture, and style? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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— La Vie Orange team

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