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There are so many things you promise yourself to do next Christmas! Best places to celebrate, Guinness-record-decorations to make, forget-me-never presents to gift, and (for my culinary self) the yummiest cake to bake. Just a short list.  Some happen, some are wished for the next year. Here's my wish list for this Christmas.

My first wish is to spend next Christmas in Europe. Which country? Probably Germany. It’s not my
favorite place, but somehow their Christmas atmosphere is very right. Maybe because there are so
many small cities with their warm and cozy central square markets filled with touching and nostalgic
knickknacks to buy. And gluhwine to keep you warm outside for a few hours.

I only wish they had Nutcrackers everywhere as we have here in Toronto. I just love Nutckrackers. One
day I will buy myself a huge one. Another Christmas wish.

And snow. There should be snow. Only snow gives the authentic Christmassy feeling. There is not much snow in Western Europe though. They have the same guessing game we have here, whether it'll be a white Christmas or not. Sometimes they compensate with decorations, like in Vienna…

…or Copenhagen.

So Europe it is for next year. Or South Korea? Lighting Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm, hard to believe it’s possible, but they do it every year for three winter months. 30 000 lights. I wonder, if it’s as impressive as the famous light festival in Lyon, France.

My second wish is about outdoor decorations. I never have time to do it just right. One day, one day.
More likely when I’m retired (so obviously far from the next Christmas). Oakville, where we live now, is
an excellent place to catch decoration inspiration – so many nicely decorated houses! But the winner of
my heart is probably the one from How come we don’t have those gorgeous creatures on
the roof?

Definitely the house is not the only outdoor thing which is waiting to be decorated. What about the car?
I’m not sure, if this festive thing below can move (is car power enough to support so much light?) but it
looks very impressive.

Now closer to Christmas shopping. First for the kids. I wish I could bring them to Lapland, Finland, to the real home of Santa. They could write their letters and send them through the local mail right into Santa’s hands. They can even talk to Santa and see him reading the letters. I can imagine how excited they would be! Just can't forget the warmest clothes ever – it’s around -35C their at this time of the year.

As a gift I wish I could surprise them with this beautiful Cinderella carriage by Creative Image from China. Do you know the young lady's dream to wake up in the morning and look outside to see a small red car in front of her door? Obviously a gift buy her beloved boyfriend or whoever he is. So something like this. The kids go outside in the evening and here it is, the dream of every girl. Boys will be princes anyway.

For myself, I wish I could go to Galleries Lafayette in Paris. Apart from excellent shopping, I’m pretty sure they have the most artful and theatrical windows ever, and one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

Not to forget my husband. You know how difficult it is to select a gift for a man. Next Christmas I would
probably allow myself a little mischief. This ornament for beards will be exactly what I need. One tiny
problem though – first I'd have to convince my husband to grow the beard-tree.

What's left? Right, cake. Here I can probably succeed even this year. But this is a different story for the
next post!




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