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With Christmas just around the corner, we all have our favorite childhood memories of Santa Claus. But have you ever wondered how they differ from others' experiences around the world?

This is our jolly old American Santa:


The Chinese Santa, Dun Che Lao Ren, or “Christmas Old Man”. To many people surprise, Chinese Santa often carries a saxophone to entertain his followers.



Even more unusual is the Japanese Hoteiosho  - "priest who bears gifts":



Meet the glamorous Russian Ded Moroz ("Grandpa Frost") always accompanied by his grand-daughter, Snegurochka ("The Snow Maiden"):


An honourable mention goes to Sweden for naming their Santa Claus: Jultomten (“Christmas brownie”)

Santa in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas, is even more elderly than usual and travels on a horse!

Curious about more Santas and unusual Christmas traditions? 

Just visit:


After all, he comes to your house, you deserves to know what to expect!

Merry three weeks before Christmas,

La Vie Orange

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