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5 Reasons to Use Milk Paints!

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The ancient milk paint has always a cornerstone to design. The oldest natural paint known to mankind is still found in cave paintings across the world today, and was widely used up until the 19th century. An all-natural alternative, the use of milk paints fits the La Vie Orange team's vision of a greener, conflict-free world. In fact, we only use milk paints sourced from family-owned company Homestead House, located in Canada. We've listed our reasons for doing so as follows:

1. Milk Paint is Organic & Non-Toxic. Milk paints are wholly organic. Each milk paint uses pigments from nature mixed together with milk casein. Paint colouring comes from berries, stones, seeds, and other natural sources. Pigments are always non-toxic and biodegradable, so the paints themselves are completely non-toxic.

2. Milk Paint is Ethical & Conflict-Free. Most companies that produce milk paints tend to be family-owned businesses, like Homestead House, and have produced milk paints for generations. Milk paints are rather difficult to keep due to their natural ingredients, so they have a shorter shelf life than non-natural paints. However, companies that produce milk paints have their own unique ways of maintaining paints.

3. Milk-Paint is Allergy-Free. Milk paints lack the irritants and toxic chemicals found in non-natural paints, so they're great for households concerned with health issues. As long as your household doesn't have dairy allergies, that is. If you have any questions about the milk paints we use, feel free to contact us at or call/text (647).625.625.7.


4. Milk Paint is Vintage & Traditional. Humanity has used milk paints throughout history, up until modern times, of course. You'll find a lot of antique European and even American furniture from the 16th century and beyond painted with milk paints. La Vie Orange lightly distresses milk painted furniture to emulate the vintage look antiques have, to great success.

5. Milk Paint is Eco-Friendly. Milk paints are VOC-free and biodegradable. "VOC" stands for volatile organic compound. These are organic chemicals that degrade your house's air quality over time, and cause illnesses like asthma, and even cancer, since most VOCs are carcinogenic. They play a big role in outdoor and indoor air pollution alike.

In fact, VOCs contain various chemicals like benzene and chlorides, which break down into smaller, equally toxic compounds. These compounds get trapped inside your house when your windows and doors are shut. This may pose a risk to members of your household, especially towards children and the elderly. Opt for furniture painted with natural ingredients that break down into safe and friendly substances instead, like milk paints.

And there you have it: five reasons why La Vie Orange uses milk paints. Not only do they produce that beautiful vintage look & feel in furniture, but they're also healthy and good for the environment.

We're 100% committed to being eco-friendly, ethical & conscientious. Are you?

— La Vie Orange Team

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