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5 Reasons to Use Milk Paints!

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The ancient milk paint has always a cornerstone to design. The oldest natural paint known to mankind is still found in cave paintings across the world today, and was widely used up until the 19th century. An all-natural alternative, the use of milk paints fits the La Vie Orange team's vision of a greener, conflict-free world. In fact, we only use milk paints sourced from family-owned company Homestead House, located in Canada. We've listed our reasons for doing so as follows: 1. Milk Paint is Organic & Non-Toxic. Milk paints are wholly organic. Each milk paint uses pigments from nature mixed together with...

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La Vie Orange's Top 5 Fall Styles of 2017!

In two months, 2017 will come to an end. But just before the end of the year comes the earthy autumn season, a time for us to celebrate the harvest and temperate weather before winter arrives. Below, we've listed our favourite styles and design ideas for Autumn 2017. Do take a look: Mohair Wool. This fall, silk mohair is in. Although all types of mohair — from mohair lace to Aire and Ingenua mohair are becoming increasingly popular, we believe that silk mohair is the best of all, as it combines actual silk with the lustrous silkiness of mohair wool from Angora goats. We use this all-natural material to...

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Visiting Czech Republic? Only beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

I just came back from Czech Republic. January is the only month when you can enjoy cozy narrow streets of Prague without distraction of tourist crowd. It's a great trade-off with far-from-the-best-weather. Red tiled roofs, whimsical puppets, the finest crystal - just a few things to admire in this homelike city. And food, of course. Czech cuisine in one word? I would say it's beer, beer, and beer. Draft Czech beer costs about $2 a pint, what would you expect me to say? Food is also very good. Sure enough they have a lot of going-with-beer stuff. Lots of sausages too with famous marinated cabbage, because it's just...

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store news

Usually, I feel rather uncomfortable when my potential customers ask me why my products are expensive. But yesterday I went to the local alteration shop to repair my son’s spring jacket: there is a 20-inch ripped seam on his sleeve, and I didn’t have time to repair it myself. I know that for a professional it is a 10 minute job. Guess, how much I was asked to pay? 34 CAD, more than the cost of the jacket! So I thought I should probably stop feeling guilty about charging 49 CAD for a toy I spent 3-4 hours making. I’m...

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Every nation has something very special to cook for Christmas and New Year. If you’d like to surprise your family and friends, you can’t make a mistake turning the pages of a French cook book. Probably the most special for those very special days in France is their log cake, Buch de Noel. I’m not sure you can buy it at a time of the year that isn’t around Christmas. What makes this cake especially interesting is decoration. It’s often meringue mushrooms, chocolate leaves, Santa’s figurines, and much more. Just google Bush de Noel for inspiration. For my cake, I...

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